Sunday, April 15, 2012

Uncut grass, walk in a park and Old married couple -I

Well, this post is the most random as it could be. However, let me try to connect the dots.

It is hard to find un-cut grasses. So, few pictures of uncut grasses. In many circumstances, I can not understand why they cut the grass to less than inches. This makes the land look bare, and consequently, exposing the soil to direct and brutal sun in the summer.

Another nice thing about the uncut grass is that in a nice season they produce accumulate dew in the morning.  If you take a moment, to look into these dew-drops in the fresh sunlight, the reflection produce quite a nice effect. Thanks to physics we know what happens there [see more nice pics here].
I had heard of a story about these dew in the uncut grass in "Akbar and Birbal".
Once the king insulted (not the first time) Birbal (because he was accused of farting) and he was upset, and did not go to the palace for some long time.

The King was curious as to why he did not come. So, king himself went to visit Birbal.
It was one fine Saturday morning and Birbal was walking in his field. King was surprised to see him wandering alone in the field, and asked him what he was doing. Birbal replied that he was farming the moti, as he felt that he was no more fit for the royal service. King's eye turned big because it seemed like a good business. So he asked how could he do it too.
"However, there is one condition", Birbal said in deep voice. King asked, "What is that?"
-"Well in order to farm the moti, I need a person who have never farted in his life."
-"Let me find a person", said the king.

The same day, an announcement was sent throughout the kingdom in the search of a person who had never farted. Every citizens were asked whether s/he had farted in his/her life. Finally, the search committee came back with the negative result. They could find no one who had never leaked in their life.

Once the results were presented, Birbal said, "Well, dear King, I shall not be insulted because everybody does it."

 So, now you know, these will turn into moti, instantly, but only if you satisfy certain conditions
(see text for details :P ).

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