Sunday, July 31, 2011

Whats in the Name? Google+ swings hammer

Blogger Dai's G+ profile is going to go.
Few days ago aakar also had similar arguments about why google is biased in peculiar way to names.
This week, I also witnessed GrrlScientist's G+ profile being snatched and suspended...and her rants in twitter.

If you have a pet name in blog-o-sphere, forget about getting into G+ circle: Not cool! 
Stay in facebook, or twitter or whatever.

 I can hear the other side: if you want to remain anonymous... why on earth do you need profile?
I do not know.
One day google will claim that all the blogger profiles should be merged to G+ profile.  Then there will be a lot more friction.


  1. I use my real name in most places so I haven't come across this problem. I wonder how it affect people who need to conceal their identity, activists, freedom fighters, etc.

    I hope my Blogger profile is never merged into G+ :-(

  2. @John, the way blogger, picasa and other things are coming together ... that day might not be far... when google says: merge it or delete it.


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