Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fifth Online Dautari Bhela, Challenges ahead has been organizing the online meetup for Nepali Bloggers around the globe.
The fifth online bhela is scheduled for Aug 6th 2011. Please RSVP asap.

I would like to suggest few topics that the online bhela may  respond to.
1. Relevance of online bhela.
We meet every 6 months... and then disappear (well kinda). We need to prove the relevance of the online bhela like this. Other than meet and greet, have we been able to prove vital in the history of Nepalese bloggers?
I am biased to say yes, but lets be critical of ourselves. I have seen people who came to bhela, but then they had their own agenda. How to be more effective? Google Group,, hamrocircle, nepali blog list and what else do we have?  Have we been effective in helping the new (enthusiastic not the adsense wala) bloggers?

2. #BlogCoE: Where do we go from there?
I really appreciate the efforts. However,  as @anandnepal points out, could we have gathered bigger support to the vision of CoE? We do not want to build a road which goes nowhere.  

3. Copy paste blogger (as Dacharya named: "saarak"): Still the trouble, no cure!

4. Blogan: Umm what? is it still around?
Well, this might be controversial. But lets solve this case once and for all. If it is alive, this is the best chance to prove it's livelihood. If it is really dead, we really do not want the ghost of Blogan to hunt anyone (if any).

Lets wish all the best to the Dautari organizers. Keep up the good work!

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  1. Nabin ji
    nikai manasib kura garnu bhayo. bhela bata kehi tangible intangible upalabdhi bhaye pani kati uplabdhi pauna baki chha tatha kehi bhane prayas garda gardai pani prapta huna sakeka chhainan.


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