Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How social virus can spread

Social networks are often the soft target for the spammers because if it can be broken into, it can be easily infected. Once I was in a machine learning conference in New York and one of the presenter was saying that the half life of the social infection is 30 minutes.
The clicks propagate very fast. So, the maximum damage is done within 30 minutes of spreading such infection.

During last few months so many friends have been infected. A few I could remember:
"I cried after watching videos"
"Who is not following you/who unfriended me"
etc etc
The topics are made spooky so that people will be interested towards it. You click, and your walls are hacked and what not. It becomes a matter of social shame.

Mahesh shares a detailed story of how he got it and how to avoid it.

Beware, next time when you see "interesting" link to videos on the facebook. What might be little helpful is to watch where the link goes when you hover the mouse over the video and watch the link address on the status bar.

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