Thursday, June 14, 2012

Progressive's Snapshot Discount

One of my friend suggested that I should enroll into Progressive's snapshot.
Snapshot program is easy to enroll. Just log into progressive website and then enroll.
One would benefit if s/he is driving less than 30 miles. That is perfect for my car. Because I use it only for commute fron home to school.

Actually, after one month of driving, I got about seventy five dollar in discount. Not bad!

However, I was expecting that it was only one month's data. Nope: they need the data for six month. The device sits there and records+ reports the driving habits.

This is for you if you:

  • Drive the vehicle for commute, less than 30 miles per day.
  • Do not drive during the "high risk time": between 12 AM-4AM.
  • (Not an aggressive driver)
  • Are not in a lot of STOP sign area.

Do not:
  • Hard brakes: This one is slightly ridiculous at times. I get surprised when I see hard brake records when I did not do it. Defining hard brake is not easy if you are travelling in local road. Any acceleration/deceleration of 7mph or higher is taken as hard brake. Avoiding hard brakes is the best deal. Drive slowly !
  • No mid-night driving. The time between 12AM and 4 AM is not good as of their snapshot policy.

There is not much stuff about progressive's snapshot. So, I am putting something for curious people. I hope this is helpful.

Written in May 2011

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