Friday, June 15, 2012

Engine Light On/Off: Confused

My Engine light is playing with me.
However, recently I have noticed a pattern.
When I make the gas tank full, it turned on and when the gas level dropped to about the last quarter, it turned off.
I could not believe it.
So, I did an experiment.
Letting the gas level fall around last quarters turns engine light OFF!
Added 2 gallons of gas, which then triggered the lights on!

The engine light went off when the gas level goes down.

I let the gas level drop below the last quarter level... the engine light turned OFF
Then I filled only 2 gallons of gas. This made the engine  light turn ON
After few days, the gas level dropped off...
The engine light turned OFF

Note: this post was written in July 23, 2011 

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  1. Sometimes, the check engine light comes on for really benign things, like a gas cap that is not tightened enough. Other times, the check engine light could be alerting you to something that is more serious.


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