Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Reading for Driving test (written) and internet resources

Going behind the motor-enabled wheel is very different experience. I wanted to have that experience. Just out of curiosity. I have been accompanying drivers for long time. However, driving by myself has not been the need yet. Always being driven by somebody else is not possible every time. So, I decided to look into this world.
My first friend in this matter was Google. I googled with driving key words... to my surprise, there were only advertisements and this and that not to the point driving resources. Yes, I found one from California Department of Motor Vehicle. The Drivers license practice tests are really helpful.

The rules of driving are very different than the rules of walking.

When you are walking, you are not operating auto mechanical machines and you kind of know the strokes of left and right.

Learning rules of the road is fun.
I am reading for the exam for the driving training license. First I found the full manual style pdf (
It is very detailed and very thoroughly written. I think one needs to read the whole book once before jumping into the test sessions.

Written in Aug 2010

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