Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nepali Twitter Kanda

First, one should appreciate the idea of doing something new. It was a good attempt by Kantipur to bridge to gap between the offline-online connections. However, I have to say the following...

If a person is standing on a chowk and saying out loud random 140 characters. What would the passer-by learn? They might eventually name that person a mad-man.
Publication of twitters without context can be regarded as similar stunt.

Second, napaune-le ke payo bokra samma chapayo. Twitter is not for backbiting. One has to be aware of the consequences of throwing stuffs into the air. They might come back to hunt you. If anything can not be said in public, and defended; well put it in a diary.

It is certainly encouraging that Nepali tweepals are   learning to navigate the twitter space by poking around. Most of them are @personal-level communication and might not be relevant to the public. Yet, it happens as @mention; not as personal messages in inbox. (This is the changing horizon of communication medium.)

If all you have is a hammer, everything you see is a nail. This is true on both sides. On both sides, there seem to be lack of understanding of the responsibility that came with the power of broadcasting.

Now (hopefully) that we have learned the lesson, lets move forward.

Ohhh... context::::
Most importantly,  the comments there in.
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