Thursday, August 12, 2010

Love Birds at the Check Out...

Checkout: A Life on the TillsYes, your typical grocery day. Sometimes it happens that you are in a hurry and lined up for check out.  People in front of you, do not care and just take their time. Relativity at play !!!! I am going to tell you a story of a couple at the checkout in a store. Oh, probably you have come across many such incidents where check out happens to be creepy.
What can delay the check out?
  • Romantic Couple 
  • fight with each other for who wants to pay
  • Boy swipes Credit card
  • after boy swipes, he needs to authorize the transaction
  • starts to sign with super slow speed
  • keeps making her figure? and finally a big heart ?
  • ...
Just wrong person and wrong time!

Hey, do not get me wrong, this is part of education. There are so many mathematical formula being formulated to minimize the check out time. My suggestion is lovely couple meter should be added to the formula :P

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