Friday, March 5, 2010

Prize in Chau Chau... Noodles

It should be obvious fact to many nepali people outside the country that they are brought with chau chau (noodles) as a handy gift. I also had few.
One of my friend once told me a joke about it...
Question: How to find out that someone in airport is Nepali?
Answer: - Check the bag... if it contains chau chau then s/he is nepali.
It is that simple!
I remember, once wai wai had increased the price (from 10 to 11?) but kept the coupon of Rs. 1 in nearly every package so that people would not feel it that way...
Even sometimes car and hundreds of thousand came inside the package. Winning bumper prize in Chau chau was in great fashion.
I am not sure how big is it now.

On the lighter side... Recently, I won something in mayos chau chau.
How do I redeem it?

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