Friday, November 20, 2009

Google Chrome OS: A New Paradigm

When I say computer, what is the first thing that comes into your mind?

That answer defines today's Tech-world.
Many people need computers to browse. This is web 2.0 already!

Although there are people needing super fast computer for some serious research, most of the consumer, who are buying PC, are using it to browsing the world wide web. This is one of the fundamental change in the approach to computer. There is clearly heavy weight to browsing to computing. Google has understood it and thus has come up with the idea of the Google Chrome OS. The extension to it's web use is provided by the fact that most of the stuffs one needs for offline browsing is already there: by Google (provided you sync it when you go online).

Check your Email by using Gmail, prepare slides for presentation by Google Docs, Mark your calendar by using Google Calendar, Chat with friends using Google Chat, Google Voice, G Messenger, Upload your pics by using Picasa (Google Picasa)... All through Google Chrome browser in Google Chrome OS.

Did I hear a lot of Google up there? and you tell me that this is not monopoly.

However, besides being open source, I have a confusion...
How is this different than Microsoft going open-source? (I know, I know: just throwing out!) Does this answer the then concerns of monopoly by Internet Explorer/ Microsoft OS?

I know, the web products such as hotmail, yahoo, facebook etc are not owned by Google and can be browsed by using Google Chrome browser in Google Chrome OS.



  1. i cant understand anything about this chrome OS. Will it work without internet ?

  2. I think the slogan is:
    No to dial up...


  3. As per their description and the technology they have applied, it is clear that it will boot in no time.

    No hardware-check, no update delay and no conflict with BIOS may certainly boost the boot time.

    I Just tried it's very pre-pre-pre alpha version in Virtual Box and it seems it's totally web-based OS. As they have long way to go before formal release, I do hope it will also work 'offline' :)

  4. @ Dilip Sir, I tend to think of Chrome OS as bigger cell phone. Off line use never comes into picture that way.


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