Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday Shopping: Tips

The Black Friday shopping hype is about to begin.
I am jotting down some tips for early birds.
  • Do not rush for early morning Deals on Friday: Sleep well. You will loose nothing.  I was up one morning (two years ago) as early as 2 AM to get into the line of Black Friday shopping in front of Best Buy (I have a post from last year showing the sleeping line here...). 
  • Check for On line Deals: On line deal sounds much more comfy from your computer at home than the cold morning rush. There are a lot of deal sites.
  • Remember, there will be After sales events: as they still have to do business after Black Friday. 
  • Eat drink and be merry!: Recent studies show that people who eat traditional dishes tend not to fall into the hype of deal [Sci.Ame...]. Good for them! 
Want to add some more?
Please do!

However, having said that. I would recommend going early morning once. It is a nice experience to see if not to buy [It is exciting experience anyway :P].

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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