Thursday, September 17, 2009

Try Firefox 3.5 and Google Chrome Browsers in Ubuntu!

I have been playing with Ubuntu for a while now. One of the integral and important part of the OS is web browser. By default one can find the Firefox in the ubuntu package. However, the bundled browser is little older. While this is understandable in terms of stability, it does not make sense if it had been out there for long time in the market.
So, I tried few things:
1. Try Google Chrome:
If you want to get geek by inserting the code... in the terminal; you can do it.
See more here...

However, the easy way is:
download the .dev and double click it!
Download from there.
Since it is still in the development mode, it is known as chromium. It is worth testing!
Did you note the version?

2. Try Latest version of the Firefox (I had Firefox 3.0.14 while 3.5.x was fashion).
To install the latest version of FF out of the repo; do the following:
  • System> Admin> Synaptic Package Manager (needs sudo privilege)
  • On the quick search box: type: Firefox (I wanted 3.5 in my case... it could be 4.0 if it is out in there)
  • Mark the latest version for your installation.
  • Apply change; and Bingo!!!

It is code named Shiretoko. It is not supported by ubuntu dev community yet. But that is not a big deal!
It should be better than feeling old rusty and out of fashion.
Have fun!

If you want your flash be enabled in Google Chrome:
This is a view of the application launcher properties.

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