Saturday, September 12, 2009

Impact of President's Speech on Kids...

There has been talks for and against the President's talk to the school kids. For people like me, who used to be taken out to rally from school to shout politically motivated slogans for or against political leaders and the submerged in such propaganda, this is not a big deal. Not even debatable. The debates on whether president should talk to school kids were taken to interesting level by media.
However, the following video by Sarah is very impressive!

The Speech:

Want your kids be inspired? you should let them listen without any political bias.


  1. I watched his speech addressing school kids. There was nothing bad at all politically. He always gives his own example how hard time he had in the past and he succeed in spite of the difficulties. This should inspire everyone to work hard.

    He reminded students responsibility and promised to fulfill governments and teachers responsibility as best as they can. He didn't even talk about his education policy. He was just trying to inspire kids to study hard and fulfill their dream.

    Whoever is against his speech is just "birodh ko laagi birodh".

  2. I didn't get a chance to watch the speech but I will come back and watch it. I really liked how the girl was inspired. I agree kids should watch it with out any political bias from others. After all they have opinoins too. My oldest said did get to watch it as the teacher recorded. He said I don't know why parents were worried about brain washing. My son goes he didn't brain wash me. LOL He said the speech was ok. I don't think my oldest is really into politics that much. But hey at least he was honest. LOL


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