Friday, January 2, 2009

Installing Antivirus in Ubuntu

I am finally convinced that having antivirus software in Ubuntu is not a bad idea.
Because "Theoretically" linux based virus are not impossible.
Now it turns my reason to run into linux: Speed!
It still loads faster than my vista on the other ntfs partition.
I have installed AVG for linux: free!
remember debian!

Another problem was updating it. I could not update it because whenever I was running it from the menu, it was simply not in "su mode"
So, I did the following:

  • Go to  "System-->Preferences-->Main Menu" which will launch the menu editor.
  • In the AVG entry in Accessories. Right click its entry and select Properties.
  • In the "Command" box add gksudo to the beginning (so that it looks like "gksudo avggui")
  • close the option and close the menu.
  • It will prompt for password whenever you run it.
  • since I already did gksudo, I am in "su mode".
  • So, I can update it!

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