Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How to install Preeti font in Ubuntu Linux

How to install Preeti font in Ubuntu Linux

I will tell you what I did:
I did read ...
and a lot of other junk links when I googled for it.

Here is "to the point" description:
  1. become a super user.  >su
  2. Got preeti font from http://ncthakur.itgo.com/preeti.zip you can find preeti.ttf from anywhere else.
  3. keep preeti font in the desktop

  4. go to /etc/fonts/ 
  5. copy the contents of the

     fonts.conf (Do not modify that file)
  6. save the content as

    local.conf in Desktop 
  7. because local.conf was not available in my case, (even if it is available ) just add line

    <dir>/usr/local/share/myfonts</dir> in appropriate place near top there are <dir> tags you can see.
  8. copy the file to the location

    >> cp local.conf /etc/fonts
  9.  create a folder in /usr/local/share as myfonts
  10. copy preeeti to the folder >>cp preeti.TTF /usr/local/share/myfonts
  11. do this >>fc-cache /usr/local/share/myfonts/
  12. Good to go!

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