Thursday, November 6, 2008

Warnings of Conflicts: Spybot and Ad Aware

I know, they work that way. One anti virus sees another one as potential threat. I had read that the windows defender scans firefox as potential risk. The world is like that.

The current discussion is about the conflict between the Spybot Search and Destroy and the Lavasoft Ad Aware softwares. I have them in my computer for more than year by now.

I have been using Ubuntu, so coming back to windows makes me crazy. Because, the updates and everything line up and makes me feel that the computer no longer belongs to me. They just want to make me wait for few hours so that they will be protecting me. Oh, ya!

I was trying to scan/update the spybotS&D, just in case. I came across the following message:
(you can click on the picture to see the larger view )

"Ignore to now longer ..."???
Moreover, the message is just intended to create a sense of panic for average users. When I visited the site, it just said:
...Spybot-S&D does not contain any spyware, but it creates backups of everything you fix (until you remove those backups from the Recovery list), and AdAware complains about these backups. You can safely ignore these backups found by AdAware.
I like Spybot S&D, but these kind of mistakes ???

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