Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New.Opportunities @ Space : Part 2

I am presenting the memories from my old page about Bremen, Germany.

Originally written on Date: 7th Dec. 2003
In Bremen:
I attended the UN/IAF workshop from 25 to 27 sep. jointly organized by them on the theme “Education and Capacity building in space technology for the benefit of Developing countries” with an emphasis on remote sensing applications. The participants presented papers and discussed under two categories ‘education’ & ‘application’ of space technology like how to use the remotely sensed data from Earth observation satellites to address issues of social & economic importance in such areas and land use management, the management of renewable & non renewable resources, disaster management &migration, global health and agricultural management, etc… The participants also emphasized that remote sensing is an essential tool to support the efforts to achieve sustainable development and capacity building in developing countries.
From the experiences, I could notice that remote sensing is a rapidly growing technology.
In the application of the remote sensing technology, education plays a pivotal role because without the expert human resources, the technology cannot run.
Some of the participants presented experiences of successful implementation and operational use of the technology including the continuous development of human resources.

The cost and access of data, involvement of decision makers, peaceful use of space were other hot topics of discussions.

The social events organized by the local organizing committee revealed the historical importance of Bremen City. I was greatly surprise to know that it is like our Katmandu but the difference is that Bremen has implemented the technology of 21st century including the satellite technology and also has preserved its own identity with regard to the ancient places.

The only problem we faced around the city was the language problem. The people of Bremen didn’t speak English and we could not speak Deutsch! . The communications problem was so interesting that we enjoyed it with their hearty welcomes and their lovely behaviour.

From 29th September to 3rd October there was an exciting event: International Astronantical Congress 2003 (IAC 2003).

More than 300 European students, including Canadian and Japanese students supported by ESA & IAF were participating in the 54th congress.

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