Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Being friendly in TA Job

Teachings Assistantship(TA) is what makes our dream of studying higher come true.
As a PhD student, we not only get the chance to get enrolled into the campus which we did like, but also provides the pocket money to live with. Well, I saved some to travel back to Nepal last December. After the price increase and inflation, traveling money is different story.

Being in the TA duty is fun. I love interactions. I really do. I become more happy if someone learns the subject matter. I do become equally excited by learning new methods to make them understand it. Students are students, some of them come to class because they have to (?) some of them come to learn and some just to have fun.
If they learn with fun, that is ok with me. If they sleep, I don't know. The degree of responsibility depends on the situations.
What I do not like the most is the student with mobile on hand.
Back in my country, when I was teaching for 10+2 level, the School used to have very dim view on the mobile carriers. May be I do carry same phobia to mobile in here.

I will tell you an interesting story in the next post...

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  1. So, you will become good Prof., if you like to teach and hang around students.


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