Friday, September 12, 2008

Trying to Understand Open-X

I must apologize in the first line, because I know little about Open X movements. By X, I mean Open - Source and other such "Open" activities.

I know little about the term free, when it comes to the computer world. Freely available softwares are my first choice, of course. But I never tried to understand the philosophy behind that.

Blindly, I have been supporting the "free and open" movements. Whenever I get chance to sit in my friend's computers, my first job has been to check whether they have Mozilla Firefox or not. AND then, whether that is default browser or not. I have successfully induced at least two dozens of Firefox as default browsers for many of my friends. Well, some really do not want it. They want to cling on the default choice of Operating system which comes as built-in.

Some people also asked me this question:

"Do you get commission for installing Firefox?"

Firefox 3Well, I simply love it!

Just wanted to have a badge down here.
If you support Firefox, join the support program!

(In the coming parts I will be discussing more on Open-x movements as I understand)

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