Thursday, September 11, 2008

LHC collider: we survived... How are you celebrating? well google is!

I noticed that google has its own style of celebrating the different scientific and social activities and thus is more closer to people.
This was the logo of Google, while everyone else was afraid of earth being evaporated.
My immediate query was what was yahoo doing?
As always, yahoo is not!
(Ohh! I noticed the (R) sign!)
Well, just my two fav. search engines.

Have you seen:
The LHC rap?
Hawkings Bet?

BTW, the Google logo was linked to the news search...


  1. Dai, I see your blog frequently. But I dont understand many of your topics. I understood this one. I really liked the logo of google.

  2. Ah nice that you captured the event on your blog.

    Interesting that you point to the contrast between Yahoo and Google. I guess this is an indication of how much ahead Google is from the rest!


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