Sunday, August 31, 2008

idea: ClustrMap should improve!

ClustrMaps Team Saw ur comment elsewhere that you wanted something 'not flash, like clustrmaps but better'... can you email us what you want and we'll do it!
2008-07-19 5:24 PM


I had commented on probloggger about my dis-satisfaction of having flash-enabled map of where the visitors come from. Pics are far better.
At that time, I was simply impressed by the feedjit.
(Let me drag little, ha ha: may be feedjit people will read it too!)
But, however, feedjit also has some limitations (I am not going to discuss that in here).
In the case of clustrmap, yes, it is free and nice. Thumbs up, but hey... what is the meaning of having huge dot at the center of the map which overlaps with others.
Features you can add:
  • See what the visitors visited/accessed.
  • Instead of having huge dots, you can have heat map or color coded dots.
  • zoom-able map
I think you guys are already busy with maintaining such good map, but those additional features will make it best one!


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  1. Hi... great points... and just to show how much we love our enthusiastic users, read all their blog postings, and respect those with constructive comments, we've just upgraded you to the ClustrMaps+ service at no charge (better zoomed-in maps, no more ads). The zooms should be available within 48 hours, and the ads are already gone. (Heh, we hope you'll move us up to a higher 'more noticeable' position in your blog gutter, but of course this is NOT a prerequisite, i.e. we have already upgraded you).

    You will be able to zoom in to each continent, plus also the UK (more countries eventually), and that is deliberate...

    Regarding zooming, note that other similar services use Google Maps, which gives you great zooming, of course, *BUT*,
    a) they only show 'the last 100 (or 1000) visitors' (we show ALL of them, no matter how many!!!)
    b) such detailed accuracy is completely misleading, because every service can only be 'approximately' as accurate as the IP address, which is often just the location of the user's Internet Service Provider.
    c) such services are much slower to load all the 'push-pins' than our display, which pre-computes every location and pre-stores every map.

    Our specialty is the 'gestalt' or 'coarse-grained' view, massive scalability, and speed of display. We will shortly be adding a listing of city/state information anyway so you will be able to see that too.

    Regarding color-coded dots, we are already working on something similar, but our intention is to keep it very very simple (too much complexity defeats the purpose of our very fast and simple display).

    All the best, and thanks for sticking with us.

    -CJ on behalf of the ClustrMaps Team


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