Friday, August 29, 2008

How to change the mouse size in UBUNTU 8.04- the Hardy Heron

I was playing and accidently, made the mouse pointer very huge.
I thought, I can revert it easily.
Having a huge mouse pointer was nice. BUT, After a while, it became pain in the neck.

I wanted to get rid of the big mouse.

Naturally, I went into the natural place:
There was no choice for changing the mouse size. And, by that time I had forgotten on where I did the changes.
Finally, I could figure it out.
The way is:
System>Preference>Appearance>Customize under the Theme tab> and then pointer tab and finally the default choice or other choice will be available.





  1. That was helpful except that is does not effect the desktop mouse. By that I mean the mouse as it sits on the starting desktop at bootup. Any help there.

  2. @anon: please see the updated picture. It should work.


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