Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dear Friend: Did I confuse you a lot?

I was in USA, for you.
I was supposedly having a vast amount of internet access and source of local knowledge.
You asked me a lot of questions. Yea, I can not be that busy that I can not get small amount of time to compose a reply to you! Actually, you got some of my Email replies. Yea, you got excited at some point to get replies. But, may be your expectations were little higher. may be I have not yet achieved the glory of writing things clearly. I swear: I tried my best. May be that was not sufficient. Moreover, I could not get the definite answer you wanted to hear; but enumerated a lot of ways. A lot. Just enough to make the situation more messy looking and complicated.
I am sorry.
Now you are in USA. Welcome to USA. And hope that you will be pressing your field more efficiently. I hope our next one will get clearer answers.
I am glad that you are here.


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