Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yo maan ta Mero Nepali Ho

I was in Brazil for a week. At the first glance, I felt like being home. Just like Nepal. Later I realized that Brazil has gone more into progress than Nepal. I wrote about the differences in here.
However, after visiting the botanical garden in Sao Paulo; I felt that at least, we are rich in natural gifts too. We have never realized it; though.
The identity after visiting the third country other than country of (temporary) residence; I came to realize that my identity shines being in Nepali. Everyone in conference will remember, if not my presentation; that there was a Nepali guy who went into ocean for the first time; is not tired of speaking about the land variety of his country etc etc...
As people speak about Nepal, they believe (if not assume) that Nepal is hilly, very very hilly. Wait a minute, we have terai too. A very very flat region where the temperature is warm enough and the food grows more efficiently than anywhere else. Well, we have small, baby mountains too, just suitable for a quick hike. The top of which can be accessed within 45 min. They lie near the terai and are really beautiful in terms of flora and faunna.
Wherever I go, my heart is Nepali.


  1. Jaha gaye pani je gare pani akhirma Nepali ko maan ta Nepali nai ho ni!!


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