Tuesday, July 8, 2008

From Brazil

Yes, this is my first ever entry to the southern hemisphere!!!
I am in Brazil for a week for a conference. I had written a little bit about my travel in Mirror, but could not arrange time to scratch here. Since the nature of the articles in these two blogs are entirely different.
Well, Brazil is (as I can see) same like Nepal. Except we do not have sea/ocean and beach. Oh some more things we donot have include but not limited are good roads/highways, cleanliness, plan for tourism, political stability and ..
It now comes out as a different situation, we have not even dreamed of space... and they are on the space!
Brazil and Nepal are similar. Well at least in some aspects...
May be brazil was like Nepal back in 50's and some part of it may still have some relics. And, by chance, I saw some of them.
I am now convinced, after all, that Brazil is a lot different than Nepal. Why was I comparing these two countries???

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  1. अनि किन कम्पेयर गरि'रा त ???

    लौ बधाइ छ, ब्राजिल को छोटो बसाइ अविस्मरणिय बनोस् ।


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