Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Bayesian Drug Design

When we become sick, we are (mostly) cured by the drugs. The drugs would have to go several stages of statistical test and have to be designed carefully.
The drugs are taken or prescribed on the basis of concurrent knowledge of the state of the body or the situation. Mostly it is the best guess or estimate. We have witnessed the side reactions of the drugs and sometimes completely undesired results because of the poor inference of the situation. Well prescribers do what they see the best, but the internal situation may not be exactly the same as speculated.
Basically, the drugs consist of best estimate of the chemicals which can have the best desired effects.

This afternoon, I came up with an idea of smart Drug Design. Think of some smart drugs which can sense the environment and release the chemicals according to the situation so that it will have minimum side effects on the body and will cure the body the best way.
(I know this needs some polishing, I would appreciate comments)
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