Thursday, June 19, 2008

West End Studios 850 West End Ave.,New York, NY 10025 in USA: a nightmare stay!

Recently, I got a bad experience of travelling.
The affiliated West End Studios located at 850 West End Ave.,New York, NY 10025 was my choice for a night stay during my two day trip to New York City.
The location was OK (I could use subways to commute, not so bad.) near the 102nd street on west end.
But except that everything went worst.

The room was ready 2 hrs after we got into the studio.
The elevator was bad, we had to walk all the way up.
The worst case was the fact that the receptionist was very very rude. She yelled at another customer in front of me. (The poor guy was foreign student).

Another very bad impression for me was the fact that along with too many others, we were put in room which had no AC or cooler or nothing.
I became really angry because I felt I paid to suffer. Remind you that the temperature in NYC in the whole week had stayed around 106F or so. I went and complained, the creepy receptionist was sitting in a AC and said could do nothing (sure!). Another guy tried looking into and gave us 6th floor to try (with no AC in there too!).
That was really bad.

I wish even my enemy should not stay there.
My feeling is that this one should be removed from or

Want to try how she speaks? (You know it is her when she speaks.)
The phone number is (212) 662-6000

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  1. I Stayed at this place for a week, there were 4 of's what you expect for your money you pay, I looked into rooms around the area and it was almost doubled.

    I think if you want comfort you pay for it...I do agree with one point tho the French guy needs to learn some manners!!

    You are out most of the day anyway!

  2. Speak of the Devil!!!

    I think the "anonymous" above is the receptionist!!!

    Because there were three witness at that time.

    Me, "French guy" and the receptionist.
    (If this is true, the first para makes no sense!)

    (Receptionist: You did not treat me bad, you style is so) But I felt bad the way you handled the case.
    I was particularly tortured by the fact that I was put in the room without AC, and management did nothing!.
    The other guy I met had the same complain! The cleanliness was also visible when we opened the window.
    I even do not want to remember that horrible experience.

  3. you can post your feedback in bad business bureau. And ya by the way no matter what you pay you should get the minimum required facility. I don't know how much you paid but should be that bad for what you pay and ya business doesn't like that. I too have business and I know how to run business.


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