Friday, June 27, 2008

Marking my first year into Blog-o-sphere!

By the end of this month, I will enter into second year of blogging!!!
My first post started in this blog at the end of last June.

I had started it has a hobby, and as some resources for my friends back in my country. I had planned to share my experiences and also had expected that some more may come up and share theirs too. (not complaining: but I received none!)
I am glad that I have survived my first year in here!!!
I have found very nice people in this sphere and related forums elsewhere. Whenever I got into trouble, I could get some advise from my friends.
Just shout! everyone is ready to help you out!

In due time, I would like to share my steps on what I did and what a new blogger can do to promote and get into habit of writing. Meanwhile, do not forget to surf through my blog roll.

It feels nice to be loved!

Thank you all!!!


  1. Congratulations. I am kind of curious just how long blogging will remain on the Internet. The Internet has gone through so many changes since I began making web pages 16 years ago.


  2. Congrats dai for successfully running this blog and best of luck for futures (*_*) :)

  3. ur blog is younger than mine. Happy B'day to ur blog :)

  4. congrats dai..... happy birthday..

  5. Hi, I liked your blog.
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