Sunday, June 15, 2008

Keep the paper money: Just in Case

Keep the paper money: Just in Case!!!

I was in New York city this week.
As always, I have been a proud user of electronic money. "Use Card!" Even, I do order check for my landlord by internet check. No need to write Physical Check. Just schedule and send! Save paper!
I was in 43rd street, the times square. Trying to purchase the One-day pass for the subway line. The machine did not work with my card. I asked for help thru' the service, the guy replied "get it from the machine!!".
I was in trouble because 20 Dollar bill was "too big for the machine". Moreover, I had no exact change as demanded by the Machine. The card was not being picked up.
Somebody was kind enough to suggest me to go to 42nd street and seek help with the people/agent in booth in there. The guy in the booth was really helpful and gave me change. After my first purchase, I noticed that the card system started to work again!
It must have been a temporary black-out. But that was enough to create a panic.

The lession of the day:
Keep the sufficient paper money whenever you travel, Just in case.


  1. Yes I do remember, I had a similar problem, NYC ATM machines did not give me cash because my CC magnet was old for that machine. But it always worked in VA. So always carry paper bills and quarters.


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