Friday, June 6, 2008

Google Lab: Gmail Lab offers experiments for you

Can you imagine having a sneak into the google lab? Particulary, on what's going on and what are the new developments?
The lab and their outputs are no longer such top secrets.

Google has launched a new feature called Gmail Lab, enabling you a direct access to what they have been thinking.
Try some!
I am trying mouse gesture and the Break ones!

Look at the top-right corner!

If (when) a Labs feature breaks, and you're having trouble getting into your account, there's an escape hatch -- just go to and Labs will be temporarily disabled.

I pasted escape code and got all my features turned off; I looked into the code and thought that zero and one must be the compliments and did put this code:
to find that it worked back!!!
(Great!! . . . now I am smiling with o/1 logic: they have already thought about that!)

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