Friday, May 16, 2008

A Giant leap for Nepali Photo Journalism

Want to see some pictures of Nepal during the land-mark transition?

All of them are Really Great!!!.

The picture showing the power of people to defy the "strict" curfew is described as:
PEOPLE POWER: Students, poets, professors led by Krishna Khanal stage a sit-in at Kiritpur in April 2006 as the People's Movement reached its climax. Armoured personnel carriers and riot police were stopped by this massive demonstration of people power.
Khanal led a moral victory for non-violence and showed the continued relevance of Gandhian opposition.

A must see!!!
Get it here:

Description provided by HimalKhabar:
For the past decade, Himalmedia publications Himal Khabarpatrika and Nepali Times, have been following national events and analysing them. In thisPhotojournal we have tried to step back and look at the past two years in perspective. Photographs tell the unblemished truth, and they provide us a glimpse of the extraordinary times that our nation has lived throughsince April 2006.


  1. yeah,it is doing grt work.

  2. I participitated in that great movement of April uprising from Kirtipur. Now it reminded me those days. You mentioned Prof Khanal led peaceful demonstration at Kirtipur. That was at Nayabazar. I was there. We stayed there from 12 to 4(as remember)which was pre-scheduled program. The then Royal Army came and wanted to go through us. But they couldn't break our program. People were not even ready to go away after 4 PM, but leaders were able to divert protestors towards panga and Nagau and The army go into their way. It is a unforgetable memory in my life. I witnessed the Kalanki killing, The long march on the ring-road, clash at University area demonstration, balkhu etc.


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