Saturday, March 22, 2008

Safari: A little Push; Firefox3: Ready to go?

The users of iTunes and QuickTime on windows PC has been "pushed" by the recent update which encourages users for SAFARI 3.1. Many has taken this as un-invited guest.
Recently the push by apple for safari has become so irritating that there are huge criticisms regarding the reliability of huge companies like apple. People are worried because it came in the form of "update" process. Update, by definition, is not the process to install a new software.

I can see the way apple is trying to sneak from the back of the stage.
At this time, when Firefox and Internet explorer are heading for head to head, will safari survive its race?
If I have to go for the "speed", I would go for Opera.

Firefox 3: after the adventures thru the beta testers is “ready for prime-time”.

Firefox users have survived their days on the www with FF2.

Do You use FireFox?

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