Sunday, February 10, 2008

How to Socialize.

Thanks to Ametya for asking me on my blog "Time! +- >".
How to link to delicious. The code helps to link to delicious, digg, technorati, and others...

Below is the code that I have been using.
just change the url and enjoy!

{p class="socialicons">
{a linkindex="5" set="yes" target="_blank" href="

phase=2&url=" title="Digg it!">{img src=""/>{/a>
{a linkindex="6" set="yes" target="_blank" href="

url=!" title="Add to technorati!">{img src=""/>{/a>
{a linkindex="7" set="yes" target="_blank" href="" title="">
{img src=""/>{/a>
{a linkindex="" set="yes" href="!" target="_blank" onclick="''+sburl1098+'&title='+sbtitle1098);return false;" title="StumbleUpon!">{img alt="StumbleUpon!" style="border: 1px solid Gray; margin: 1px; padding: 1px;" src="" title="StumbleUpon!"/>{/a>

{a linkindex="" set="yes" href="!" target="_blank" onclick="''+sburl1098+'&t='+sbtitle1098);return false;" title="Facebook!">{img alt="Facebook!" style="border: 1px solid Gray; margin: 1px; padding: 1px;" src="" title="Facebook!"/>{/a>
{a linkindex="20" set="yes" href="">{img alt="rss feed" src="" title="rss feed"/>{/a>
{a linkindex="" style="color: brown;" set="yes" href="!">{img border="0" src=""/>{/a>

{a href="
" target="_blank">{img border="0" alt="Add to Google" width="104" src="" height="17"/>{/a>
{a href="*">{img border="0" width="91" alt="Add to My Yahoo!" src="" height="17" align="middle"/>{/a>

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