Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mozilla's Prism: A new face to web

Last week, I ended up with installing the Prism. A result of Mozilla Lab : attempt of incorporating the web into the desktop applications.
Ultimately, the Life without internet is going to be harder. With this application/extension the web applications are going to be pulled into your desktop as an icon and it is just an object in your desktop.
I am using Gmail and Yahoo mail through it , for now. and look forward for some more in days to come.
I like its Clean and neat appearance . No back and other awkward buttons!
I would highly recommend it.

Below is some speculations by experts:

A Rainbow of Possibilities
With Prism, PC users will be able to add their favorite Web applications to their desktop, so that when a user clicks on an icon, the Web app will run in its own window. The Web applications are accessible with Control Tab, Command Tab and Expose key functions, just like any other desktop application. Users can also continue to access the applications from any Web browser when they are away from the computer.
"Prism isn't a new platform," Mozilla stated. "It's simply the Web platform integrated into the desktop experience."
That means Web developers will not have to write code specifically for their applications to function with Prism. If you have program which runs in a "modern standards-compliant Web browser", it will run in Prism, Mozilla Labs said. Built on Firefox, it supports HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), JavaScript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Canvas, as well as other rich Internet technologies. A Windows version is currently being tested; early editions for the Mac and Linux are in the pipeline.
It is the open source brother to Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), an application that converts Web-based technologies into desktop applications.

Please visit the following link for more:

Install it:

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  1. i am going to try it
    thank you for this information.


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