Friday, August 3, 2007

Thought for the day

An Inspiring article from Prof. Udayaraj Khanal, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Nepal.

" Basket case science, basket case society"

The utter failure of science in Nepal is built into our own system

" It is quite obvious that there is not any significant development in science in Nepal. Many people maintain that the government and politicians are fully or mainly responsible for this quandary, as for every other. But the author digs deeper to discover the underlying causes. He argues that the scientific failure happened 'through' the politicians, not 'by' them. "

... it has become very important that the Nepalese youth forge a new path that will extricate them from this vicious vortex. They should openly and incisively question the intentions, methods and achievements of our so-called leaders who have had many opportunities, but repeated the same mistakes, and failed at every turn. The youth should come out with new ground- breaking ideas to develop our country. They should not compromise in acquiring the necessary expertise. Amartya Sen was awarded the Nobel Prize for proving that poverty, deprivation and famines are results of political manipulation rather than limited resources. Manpower resource is all that is necessary for development. Indeed, if they are serious, our youth will have to work overtime to constructively lead the society as well....

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