Thursday, August 2, 2007

adsense and cluster map

These are two jewels of my blog.
Adsense: I have decided that if I get 100 dollars (ever), I will donate it to Nepal Mali Samaj. It is a social group trying to 'uplift' the exposures of Mali community (to which I belong). I had served as an active volunteer to it. I really enjoyed to do so. Peoples were really nice and inspiring in the commitee.
Actually, I have seen it evolve from the very beginning (though was not so much involved in the very beginning). I like their program of supporting students from poor background and had donated some amount (lets not get too personal). One of the reason why I got involved too much on it is because of my Uncle: शंख नारायण माली . He was more than dedicated. The president तीर्थ Dai was as much devoted to develop it. As a whole it was a team.

But if anyone decides me to help on this mission by clicking on the ads........ repeatedly, its going to kill my mission!
Google adsense can sense why and how many times users do click on the ad. For example if I request to somebody to click on the ad the whole day, I will be rich for no reason. That is the reason why one of my friend had got his adsense blocked!!! she publishized the technique to her sister in nepal! She thought she helped.

Cluster map: It shows from which location is my blog:
being viewed. Obviously, it has the biggest of all at NewYork! Could it detect the location, it would have been my table and my laptop!

I know (and hope) there are many alternatives too!

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