Friday, August 17, 2007

Remembering the place ...

Today, I was playing with the Google earth.
There was a background music from youtube, and I had just been searching for some terms in wikipedia.
I just came across the song of "swadesh" ... ye jo desh hei tera... by Udit.
It just reminded me my place, Nepal!.
I went to the place online. I could see the old house and its roof as the picture was taken from the satellite.
Hetauda was unclear in satellite picture but the Dhapakhel (Patan) was very clear!
It can not be just a coincidence that I was remembering the Nag-Daha ( A beautiful lake at Dhapakhel, Patan) at the camping site on Forked Lake last Saturday.

This evening I got an email from my neighborhood sister. She was asking me: Dai kahile Hetauda aaunu huncha? (Dear Bro, When are you coming to Hetauda?)
I could not cry!
She and his brother were small when I was there, they had enjoyed my teaching in the first phase of my career as a student of Science.
Is this a call from Nepal?
I can not come now ... I am in the battlefield.
I am OK, I miss you!

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