Saturday, August 18, 2007

Online Vs On-the-spot shopping

We were afraid that there would be problems associated with the online shopping.
With the doubts in mind, I decided to buy my laptop online.
The risk was that if any problem occurs, then you have to mail it back. Mailing the whole package is little bit cumbersome.
But, on the other hand the facility return to the store is valid only for 15 days. So, after 15 days it is the same.
I ordered Dell Inspiron 6400. (2GB, 1.73Ghz, 80 GB, ...)
Because it was my first time, they called me for verification of my identity. Moreover, I had given credit card info of Indra Sir too: to pay it by two credit cards. They asked few questions. My credit card had only 500$ limit. I was cleared for the transaction.
The day following the shopping, I received a card with the credit limit of 4000$.
Anyway, the laptop was on the line.
Second was the Camera. It was on store, but the process was online one.
There was a case of delay when I had ordered the 1GB pendrive. When I filed the report, they promised me to give a new one. I emailed them with "thanks , I have received it" when I received it.

Online shopping seems OK.


  1. you found it's charm at this stage??

    whoever said, online shopping is bad or fraudsters junction, they are not smart. Thanks for being smart.

    EBAY is an icon in the history of online shopping.

  2. hi,
    it's really true that online shopping is better than normal shopping because you can compare the price and know the expert reviews in online shopping.


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