Thursday, August 23, 2007

My First Year @ Albany!!!

It has the pics after I arrived in Albany.

Camping07@FingerLake (Aug. 10-12)||
MaxEnt 2007 Conference (July 8-13, 2007) ||
Horses of Saratoga (July 9, 2007) ||
Fireworks in Albany (4th July 2007) ||
Grafton Lakes park, Albany (June30, 2007).||
Hiking Buck Mountain, Albany (June 16, 2007) ||
Niagara Falls!!! (May 26, 2007).||

Niagara Power Plant with the host family@Buffalo (May 27, 2007) ||
Mr. and Mrs. Alaam Award (May20, 2007) ||
Days of 2007 ||
PASCAL conference 2007 (April 28, 2007) ||

Fountain Day @U Albany (April 22, 2007) || NY CITY!!! (April 21, 2007) |||
Boston Trip (March 24, 2007) |||
Ski in Lapland Ski Center (Feb 24, 2007)

Hiking Crane Mountain, Albany (Sept. 16, 2006) |||

Many friends have commented on my silence to the academic sector.

I had arrived on the 23rd Aug. 2006. (So, today is my first anniversary in Albany !!!)

I appeared on the Comprehensive exam immediately after coming here.

I had no hope to pass and eventually I failed.

That was a huge shock.

The shock was good in the sense that it gave me a boost. It kept me motivated. The non zero marks was telling me that my mind is not vacuum. I had something there but had to be polarized in proper direction.

I passed it on January !!!

The time in between these two exam was terrible. I really had pretty hard time.

I used to spend more time in the Department than in my apartment. I used to feel alone. (I am still alone, but not to that extent.)

I passed!!!. and was awarded the "Outstanding performance Award".

Joining the group was one of the most hard decision.

I was really confused.

Prof. Caticha helped me to think by enumerating the possibilities. I am indebted for his valuable suggestions.

The second semester was OK.

I had the most hard course of my life in NMR. The course was on resonance but the home works lacked resonance. It was going everywhere. Indra sir was there to discuss the problem, but the main problem was that we had to start from scratch. Imagine starting from scratch on each set of homeworks which are not related to the regular class and keeping your interest alive!

I still remember keeping myself awake through nights, trying to complete the weekly homeworks.

It was really nice experience. I love challenges. (little bit, may be: JK :D )

The summer started with RA-ship. I am indebted to Prof. Knuth for supporting me through the summer. I was nominated into the local organizer of the MaxEnt2007. It was a great honor. I worked on some research topics and learned some ideas. The group is great. I was able to witness the development of Master's thesis. Summer was the nice experience.

(30 mins)

Its about now and coming semester.

The classes will start from next week. I will be teaching advanced lab and will be doing grading/tutoring. And three courses will keep be busy.

I wonder whether I would be able to post it as frequently as I am doing this month ...

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