Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happy Guru Purnima

I used to be cheered on this particular day at Lagan. I have lived for nearly Eight years at DD and Bhinaju's Home at Lagan. They had really treated me like a family member. Actually I was admitted as a family member. Every important decision was done in presence or after asking me. A kind of respect not every human beings can receive. When you feel that you are being respected and that you have been highly trusted, you can not go wrong. Even if you go wrong, their respect and love keeps you straight.
Apart from my family at hetauda, they have really played an important role in my life and in my overall development.
I respect learning at theirs and wish myself a happy Guru Purnima.

These days are exam days for My Nephew and Neice. I would like to wish them a Happy Guru purnima and all the best!!!

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