Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Vegetables that you can grow in shades and some that needs full sun

My vegetable garden has a bright spot where there was a big blackberry bush. We got rid of it last year, and planted few things. Examples: Mustard greens, tomato, corn, peas etc... 
Now I am about to reload the garden, so I followed Jag's video and wrote a note for me...
Vegetables that you can grow in shades:
 1: Basil  
 2: Mint  
 3: Cilantro / Parsley  
 4: Lettuce  
 5: Spinach  
 6: Kale  
 7: Swiss Chard  *
 8: Broccoli  
 9: Peas  
 10: Radish  
 11: Green Onion  
 12: Tomato  
 13: Eggplant  
 14: Squash  
 15: Green Bean

2: My mint was on full sun, and did OK.
9: Peas: super awesome!! Love it!
*this did not work well in my shaded garden... I am thinking that it may be the water/soil issue.
11: Green Onion: love it! It did very well.
15: Green Bean was not good for me. Only leaf. Sad.

Vegetables that need full sun:
1. Corn
2. Earldoms tomatoes
3. Potatoes
4. Chillies
5. Cucumbers
6. Okra


Monday, April 12, 2021

Back to the blog!

Yes, it is about time, I am back to the blog... 
During the last few years of hibernation, few things happened... 
oh... many things happened! 
I think social media has decimated the value of blogs- at least in my case. 
As those media have served as the place for writing the ramblings and the engagement from the near and dear has been great!  The likes and loves are lucrative- for sure.  
Nonetheless, I have decided to reboot the blog.
However, this time it will be different. ---
From now on, I will be switching from the technical blog to the vegetable garden blogs.

I will be discussing my journey through summertime gardening which I have developed in the past year through the COVID-19 pandemic.  My garden is on Hardiness Zone 5, which makes it harder to work on a few of my favorite crops- going bananas etc... but it has been a learning experience for sure.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Force Chrome to remember password!

Some of the websites force autocomplete = "off" throwing off the possibility to save the password.

I first tried to open the webpage in the inspector mode, to change the autocomplete = "off" to "on". But next time the page loads, the autocomplete is off by default. So, that did not work!

Tried looking into the apps. Some of the older apps were no longer working!

This is simpler than I thought of installing another extension.
enable chrome://flags/#enable-password-force-saving