Monday, October 19, 2015

Google Fi is here #phone

Couple of years ago I was ranting about how the technology may move in the direction of eliminating the syndicate of the phone companies... (an example here: One example was how the companies were trying to prevent the voip and force expensive STD/ISTD to the customers.
The main idea was that:
" the phone will be dead in coming few years as we will all have the (tax-paid) wifi on the cities and villages with people carrying small PDAs..."

Well, I think the future is here! Any who else better than Google to do it?
Its a phone, on network and wifi. A seamless experience for the future.
One question I have is how long will the phone last with the wifi?

Just hope that Alphabet does not have a spring kill switch on it... as I think it is a neat idea!


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