Thursday, August 26, 2010

Phone, Internet, VOIP and Nepal Telecom Authority

This week Google is busy unleashing its powerful feature of Google Phone.
On the same week we had news of Telecommunication Authority of Nepal ceasing 5-10 (!!) websites for allowing people to talk via internet {news}.
This seems retroactively interesting.
Let me say the T-world to them: Technology!!!

While Forward moving companies like Google wants to put internet on the front, pushing what can be done with the technological developments, NTA wants to grab it back. Just imagine, the phone will be dead in coming few years as we will all have the (tax-paid) wifi on the cities and villages with people carrying small PDAs.  VOIP is already there. If people talk more, they will definitely increase the TAX revenue; one way or another.
Please do not be the reason setting people back in technology.

Perhaps these few books on T-worlds will help you...
The Nature of Technology: What It Is and How It EvolvesTechnopoly: The Surrender of Culture to TechnologyTechnology Matters: Questions to Live With

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