Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#NepalQuake How can I help for #Earthquake relief?

A M7.9 earthquake stuck Nepal on April 25th, resulting into the death of 4000 and counting.
Thanks to humanity, a lot of support is coming together.

There are few ways you can help:
1. Money
2. Mind, and time

Let me first go to the second point:
You can donate your time to help identify the collapsed houses so that these efforts could be used by the rescue and damage assessment teams.
Few examples:
1. the website tomnod :

2. Mapbox made available a recent data for Kathmandu valley. It has been updated to trace the damages through the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team. To learn how you can help map Nepal after the earthquake, head over to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team wiki.

Now to the first point:
There are a lot of helping hands. Just be careful to which place your money is going. This is a hard fact.
If you would like to donate, here is a good list of agencies (go through the tabs):
Facebook for example is matching donations to 2 millions.

Communication with family members: This is the biggest first wave that came in after the quake and aftershocks. Thankfully, the phone lines are working.
Skype, Viber T-mobile, ATT Verizon, etc have made it free to call from/to Nepal.
Google Voice has reduced it to 1 cent.

Good Luck!


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