Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Random Post: Compulsive Closure

This is a random post after a long time. The nice thing about random post is that my random may simulate your random, and we may have random time to write and read it... or simply move on.

So, giving up is not so easy. Should not be either.
"We live in a world where closure is not always an option"
For example, this sheldon video:

Today, when I was traveling on the subway, wanted to try out the sudoku on one of those free magazines that they give out in the mornings. When I started, I was determined that I would not hang on to it at the end of my travel.
I started it out, and was about to complete it when I arrived at my destination. My second thought was, I can simply insert it into my bag, and complete it in the return trip. To have that satisfaction of seeing closure, I could cheat using that Google scanner to fill it out! But, No! I wanted to be firm on it.
So, I left it unsolved. There are so many things that need to be solved, leaving it so close can be too much pain. But I had to make up my mind, given the time frame of my route A to route B type of travel.

Then I got out to find this gem: Luggage loaded into a wheel-less cart. How far was he planning to go? Please do not make me push it!


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