Sunday, April 7, 2013

Admit it! Blog Comments are dead! RIP comments

So much for the title!
By looking at the changing landscape of blog-o-sphere, micro-blogging sites are much more robust for the interactions. Long gone are the days of comments.

I know; There are still some heavy discussion going around in some of the blog posts. However, admit it that is not the comment that you are reading. Blog comments are dead because the "comment" sections are not filled with comments, they are interactions between few people replying back and forth. Some at personal level. Just look into some of the yahoo news "comments". A radical guy gets hundreds of comments on his comment because it is. That is not a comment, they do not add any values to the readership. And there is always spam "comments", well they can penetrate thru' your captcha enabled comment system because it is run by outsourced comment-makers... It goes something like
"Your article is interesting.... then there is the link to some weird website!"

Another paradigm that was responsible to killing comment was Facebook's comment system. It reduced the anonymous comment system. Since people are shy to express their feeling with their identities attached, they are making less comments... would rather rant about it elsewhere!

Blog Comments are dead! RIP comments.  Do you agree?



  1. Yeah, this facebook has almost killed blogs:)Especially its 'Like' button, people have become so lazy because of it.

  2. I don't get comments at all. I recently started blog Info-Nepal. It is all about Nepal.


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