Thursday, February 28, 2013

3D printing with a twist!

Think of smartbots which can self assemble and disassemble at will or as needed. The second one might be easy! However, assembling pieces into a nice structure is the tricky part. And we love it. That's why DIY stuffs are so famous! If you had trouble assembling an Ikea book-case,  you would simply love it!
But, for a big picture, just think of throwing your spaceship into space and getting the rover self-assembled in Mars and beyond!!!
Yes, researchers are working on 3D printing technology and giving it a new dimension of self-assembly!
You ship the printed sheets, put them together, shake them or give them some self-assembling energy, and voila!
No I am not talking about the inflatable chairs and robots! just follow the links below for the details...


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