Saturday, January 26, 2013


I have been using as purely blogging platform, powered by blogger.
There was a time when removing the top nav-bar gave me some sense of satisfaction!
{Well, the top-nav-bar could have been more useful; but was not! I ranted about it here}

Well, the topic is rebranding the blog as a portfolio.
I am a computational physicist; working across disciplines (like everybody else) and having fun in solving problems. Plus, since I have not been blogging a lot (hello!) these days, I wanted to re-make the blog. But, wanted to still keep the items online without moving it to another place (I mean, I still get visits for my old-old posts eg

So, I have used some page-hiding tricks in blogger to tweak the home page so that the post page and  index looks completely different. Keeping the blog feed the same, which is being syndicated by feedburner.
Using the pages, I can keep the blog in easy access ( as well as keep useful items such as this

On the future ways to blogging:
One pic says thousands of words. With increased use of multimedia and quick topics to be blogged, I have found myself engaged more on twitter, instagram etc. You give me some focus, perception of depth, nice sense of use of light, and negative spaces, I will double tap 'em! And, tumblr seems to be the best platform for these! However, this does not mean that blogspot is ready to be abandoned (this needs more thorough thoughts).
Happy Blogging!


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