Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rewards for using Search

Bing search gives credit upto 10 a day [Link], for using their search engine.
For some of the search items, their results are not up to par with what google does (and there were rumors flying that bing was busted for stealing the results [Link, Link]). But, hey, they have reward for using it!

Anyways, on Feb 5th, I had an idea that Google should also reward people for using the search (Wrote it as a draft in evernote). In fact, it is not only people who benefits from the search, it is also Google who gets to learn about who is searching what and what is relevant. See the video

Well, today I learned that  Google is already planning to do so. They are planning to reward people for submitting their data of how they use the internet. $5 a month, upto $25. All one has to do is to install an add-on (or say a bug :P in their browser).

Follow the link:

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